Paper Tutorials

This is the home page for what we call Paper Tutorials.

Open-source releasing code that has been used to generate results in papers increases the credibility of the paper results, and enables other researchers to more easily build upon the results. Our aim here is to extend this idea to make it very easy to reproduce results in papers generated using Chaste.

Each paper listed below links to wiki pages associated with that paper. Here, you will find a brief introduction to the paper (including instructions on how to obtain the code and supporting data files used for the paper), and links to 'walk-throughs' of the code used to generate the paper results. These walk-throughs are in the same style as the main Chaste tutorials. (They are also auto-generated from comments in the actual code.) For a quick example, choose G. Mirams et al. Chaste: an open source..., and then click on one of the images.

The results of each paper are then reproducible by simply downloading the code, and running with the relevant version of Chaste. See GettingStarted for more documentation on using Chaste.

Since we tend to use the Chaste build infrastructure to do our science, as well as develop Chaste itself, code like these tutorials that generates results for publication is itself a 'test' in the Chaste framework. It is thus easy to check the results obtained when re-running against the published reference results, to ensure that the quantities of interest are unchanged (to within tolerances). This is done, for instance, in the functional curation and ICCS2013 papers.

Note that this is a new feature: the framework for setting up these paper tutorials is still being finalised, and more papers will be added in time. In the future we envisage external users, who wish to release their own documented Chaste code, also being able to contribute to these pages.









Autogenerated list of all paper tutorials

Note: some of the following links are not public, which either means the paper is still in submission or the tutorial is not yet complete. Pages which are completed and public should all be listed above.

For instructions on how to create a new paper tutorial, see WritingPaperTutorials.

This list is ordered such that the most recently edited page is first.

  • CellBasedComparison2017 Comparing individual-based approaches to modelling the self-organization of multicellular tissues
    • CoGNaC CoGNaC: a Chaste plugin for the multiscale simulation of Gene regulatory Networks driving the spatial dynamics of tissues and Cancer
      • EMBC2018 Model of Vascular Remodelling
        • DalyID Inference-based assessment of identifiability in nonlinear biological models
          • DalySMC Two Sequential Monte Carlo Samplers for Exact and Approximate Bayesian Inference on Cardiac Models
            • FunctionalCuration Functional Curation
              • CellBasedComparison2016 PaperTutorials/CellBasedComparison2016
                • CellBasedComparison PaperTutorials/CellBasedComparison
                  • EpithelialFission Investigation of Buckling and Fission in an Epithelial Layer
                    • Microvessel Microvessel Project
                      • Angiogenesis Microvessel Project
                        • PyChaste PyChaste Project
                          • SimoneRubinacci Section contents
                            • CryptProliferationDistribution Distribution of mitotic events in healthy and irradiated crypts
                              • CryptFissionPlos2016 Model of Crypt Fission
                                • DanieleM Chaste: an open source C++ library for computational physiology and biology
                                  • MouseLesion Connexin 43 contributes to electrotonic conduction across scar tissue in the intact heart
                                    • HodgkinHuxleyABC ABC Parameterization of the Hodgkin-Huxley Model
                                      • CaDiffusion Ca^2+^ Channel Re-localization to Plasma-Membrane Microdomains Strengthens Activation of Ca^2+^-Dependent Nuclear Gene Expression
                                        • InterfaceFocus2013 On-Lattice Agent-based Simulation of Populations of Cells within the Open-Source Chaste Framework"
                                          • EMBC2016 Model of Vascular Remodelling
                                            • Plos2013 Chaste: an open source C++ library for computational physiology and biology
                                              • PottsCrypt2015 A Cellular Potts Model (CPM) of Colorectal Cancer
                                                • AirwayGeneration2015 Development and analysis of patient-based complete conducting airway models
                                                  • HR2014 PaperTutorials/HR2014
                                                    • HR2015 HCQ reduces heart rate by modulating the hyperpolarisation-activated current ''If'': Novel electrophysiological insights and therapeutic potential
                                                      • WritingPaperTutorials Writing Paper Tutorials
                                                        • Harvey2015 A parallel implementation of an off-lattice individual-based model of multicellular populations
                                                          • Wisc2013 Connecting models to data in multiscale multicellular tissue simulations
                                                            • PlosDunn2012 A Two-Dimensional Model of the Colonic Crypt Accounting for the Role of the Basement Membrane and Pericryptal Fibroblast Sheath
                                                              • Frontiers2014 Cellular cardiac electrophysiology modelling with Chaste and CellML
                                                                • CardiacEpVerification Verification of computational models of cardiac electro-physiology
                                                                  • PlosOne_mRNA mRNA Expression Levels Predict Cellular Electrophysiological Remodeling in Failing Human Hearts: A Population-Based Simulation Study
                                                                    • PNAS_PopulationOfModels Section contents
                                                                      • VascularTumour Chaste: an open source C++ library for computational physiology and biology

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