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April 2022

  • #3077 You can now add new and remove ghost nodes from mesh based tissue simulations.
  • #3078 You can now bound the bound the Voronoi Tessellation's on Cylindrical and Toroidal meshes.

September 2021

  • #3076 you can now output the underlying mesh during simulations with MeshBasedPopulationWithGhostNodes use SetWriteVtkAsPoints(true).
  • #3043 added a Toroidal2dMesh which allows 2d mesh based simulations (with or without ghost nodes) with periodicity in x and y.

August 2021

  • #3071 Can now bound the voronoi tesselation in mesh based simulations. Use the method SetBoundVoronoiTessellation(true) on the population to use the bounded voronoi tesselation.
  • #3071 you can now output both the Voronoi tesselation (add voronoi writer) and mesh (SetWriteVtkAsPoints(true)) in mesh based simulations, the output files are now voronoi_results_xxx and mesh_results_xxx.

July 2021

  • #3069 You can now output the location (and other information Including the cell killer that removed it) of cell removals by immediate killing or apoptosis. To do this use the new CellRemovalLocationsWriter This will give you the file removals.dat. To make sure the information is output you will need to update your cell killer (if not in the core code) to use the helper methods KillCell() and StartApoptosisOnCell() See the TestCreatingAndUsingANewCellKillerTutorial for examples.
  • #3069 and #2578 you can now output the division locations by using the CellDivisionLocationWriter (Formatting has been preserved see #3070)
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