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Sep 2020

  • Chaste has now been updated to Python3 (3.5+).
    • New dependancies (which most systems will already have):
      • python3
      • python3-venv
      • python3-pip
    • The following Python2 dependancies are no longer required:
      • python-devel
      • python-lxml
      • python-amara
      • python-rdflib
      • python-dateutil

Aug 2020

  • #3035 Cell separation on division in center based models. We have corrected a bug where cells were incorrectly placed on division in centre-based models using RandomDirectionCentreBasedDivisionRule This will change the exact cell location results in ALL centre-based simulations but it will not change the tissue level behaviour.

Jan 2020

  • Git submodule - concerns all users/developers: a new git submodule has been introduced to contain some CellML-related stuff which we share with other projects. This means that from now on, when cloning chaste, you have to add the --recursive flag. e.g. git clone --recursive -b develop Chaste. If you already have a clone locally, you'll need to run git submodule update --init after pulling the latest develop branch. Occasionally you will need to do a submodule update too, but a test has been introduced which should fail and tell you when this is the case. So if you ever see heart tests failing for no apparent reason, run heart/test/ionicmodels/TestMetadataSubmodule.hpp to see if it just needs an update. Details in #3024.

Changes before this point were released in version 2019.1 or earlier and can be found in OlderNews

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