• First set up networking and regional settings
  • Set root password
  • On the next page we selected:
    • Office and productivity
    • Software development
    • Customize now radio-button
      • Development ->
        • Eclipse
        • Java development
      • Applications ->
        • Engineering and Scientific
      • Base system ->
        • System tools

At this point in the installation process your system should reboot.

At the System User screen create a user called 'chaste'

In the firewall configuration, allow access to ssh

The SELinux setting should be: Disabled

It is also recommended to alter the ntp server settings, to be more network-friendly. Edit the file /etc/ntp.conf and replace the 'server' lines with:

  • server
  • server
  • server
  • server

(Assuming you're on the comlab network. Look for servers near you if not.)

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