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tar -zxvf tetgen1.4.2.tar.gz
cd tetgen1.4.2
mv tetgen ~/bin/
cd ..
rm -rf tetgen1.4.2*

Note that the latest Tetgen ( is known to cause problems with a few of our regular tests. Version 1.4.2 doesn't appear to be available on the web any more, so we've attached an archive from one of our original installations.

For tetview (visualisation - not needed for running Chaste) you'll need to download a few back-compatibility gcc specific rpms for their runtime libraries:

su -
yum install compat-gcc-34-g77
yum install compat-gcc-34-c++
yum install compat-libf2c-34.i386
yum install compat-libstdc++-33

For tetview, download the zipped executable from

gunzip tetview-linux.gz
chmod u+x tetview-linux
mv tetview-linux ~/bin/tetview
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