Install Intel Math Kernel Libraries

THIS IS NOW OUT OF DATE. See InstallIntelCompiler.

Copy l_mkl_enh_p_9.1.023.tgz and mkl.lic from userpc44 to /tmp. (You don't actually need the licence file in the rest of this installation - we were given it by Oxford Supercomputing Centre, but we can't make it work.)

scp /tmp
scp /tmp

Untar it:

cd /tmp
tar -xzvf l_mkl_enh_p_9.1.023.tgz

Then as root:

cd /tmp/l_mkl_enh_p_9.1.023

Select 1 for install, then 1 for providing a serial number:


Accept license.

Select default installation path.

Add the following line to .bashrc

#for intel mkl
. /opt/intel/mkl/9.1.023/tools/environment/ 
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