Please note that this page is now obsolete. A new version of Meshalyzer has been made available by the author (Ed Vigmond - under GPL3. So far, we only have documentation for Ubuntu 8.10. Meshalyzer is available from the download page on the public Chaste website.

Note: for Ubuntu 64 bit systems, you may need to use the pre-built binary attachment:meshalyzer

To build meshalyzer, you need FLTK ( It is available within Fedora Core 4:

su -
yum install fltk
yum install fltk-devel

FLTK installed, you need to access the Integrative Biology TWiki website ( to get: cd meshalyzer

MPI programs to After having downloaded the above files into the home directory, go the console window and type the following in:

tar -xvzf meshalyzer.tgz
cd meshalyzer
mkdir data
cd data
mkdir rabslice
cd rabslice
tar -xvzf ../../../rabslice.tgz
gunzip vm_rabslice.igb.gz
rm -f meshalyzer.tgz rabslice.tgz

Under the meshalyzer folder, remove Matrix4x4.o, Vector3D.o and Vector4D.o from the OBJS parameter in the Makefile. From there and from within the console window:

cd ~/meshalyzer
rm -f *.o
mv meshalyzer ~/bin
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