Chaste source installation guides

The guides most likely of interest to general users who want something like a "one click install" are:

  • UbuntuPackage: Installing Chaste on Ubuntu using our debian packages
  • Docker: Installing and using Chaste via a docker container

For a full manual install of all dependencies on a different linux system see

  • DependencyVersions: Which versions of third-party libraries we support
  • InstallGuide: The main Chaste manual installation guide - for a minimal install that will get Chaste building.
  • DeveloperInstallGuide : includes more dependencies that are useful for active developers - how to set up eclipse editor, memory testing, and all that kind of thing.

For native installs on Mac and Windows see

The following is an alphabetical listing of all installation guides written by Chaste users or developers. Many recount installations on particular systems, and some are certainly out of date.

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