The Fedora Core 4 distribution is recommended. When in doubt use default settings, except for the following:

It is important to select Installation Type=Workstation

Make sure you set the right network settings for the network you're on.

In the firewall configuration, allow access to ssh

At the Package Installation Defaults screen select Customize Software Packages to be installed:

  • Add Engineering and Scientific packages
  • Under Development tools add Subversion

At this point in the installation process your system should reboot. At the System User screen create a user called 'chaste'

Login with the chaste user id.

It is recommended but not necessary to run Up2Date (via the icon at the top left of the screen next to the date) and apply all package updates.


It is also recommended to alter the ntp server settings, to be more network-friendly. Edit the file /etc/ntp.conf and replace the 'server' lines with:

  • server
  • server
  • server
  • server

(Assuming you're on the comlab network. Look for servers near you if not.)

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