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svn access for non-developers.

Developer Install Guide

The easiest ways to install Chaste are

Then see the section on checking out the code (below), and optional or optimised-code-related dependencies.

If there are any problems the following pages may be useful.

The main instructions on this page assume you are setting up a machine identical to the core Chaste development machines. User installation instructions can be found in source:trunk/docs/INSTALLATION.txt. We also have guides for a variety of other situations that the Chaste team have tried:

NB: When creating new install guides, please name the page like 'InstallGuides/GuideName', so that it gets included in the public portion of the wiki.


  • InstallBoost -- not needed on the new (Ubuntu / Fedora Core 6) installs
  • InstallPyCml -- PyCml itself is included with Chaste, but you'll need to install its dependencies

Accessing the code

Optional (not needed to run the code)

  • InstallValgrind -- only needed for memory testing, not needed on the new (Ubuntu / Fedora Core 6) installs

  • InstallCvode -- faster ODE solver for cell_based and single-cell-cardiac simulations)

Historical items, no longer needed

  • InstallNdiff -- used to be used for comparing results files to a tolerance