Developer Install Guide

The easiest ways to install Chaste are

Then see the section on checking out the code (below), and optional or optimised-code-related dependencies.

If you encounter any problems, or have an unusual setup, the following material may be useful.

InstallGuides/DependencyVersions lists the different versions of the dependencies that we test, know to work, think will work, won't work etc.

The main instructions on this page assume you are setting up a machine identical to the core Chaste development machines. We also have guides for a variety of other situations that the Chaste team or users have tried, listed at InstallGuides. Note that these may not be up-to-date, so some familiarity with installing software on Linux-like systems may be required.

NB: When creating new install guides, please name the page like 'InstallGuides/GuideName', so that it gets included in the public portion of the wiki.

Mandatory for running Chaste

All users of the source code, whether on a desktop, server or HPC, should ensure all of the below items are present.

  • InstallBoost -- not needed on the new (Ubuntu / Fedora Core 6) installs
  • InstallCodegen -- chaste_codegen itself is distributed via pypi, but you'll need to install its dependencies

Highly recommended optional libraries

  • InstallCvode -- (fast and accurate ODE solver for cell_based and single-cell-cardiac simulations)

For development machines

We use the following for development machines, but these can be skipped for servers and HPC installations that use a command-line interface to Chaste.

Accessing the code

Optional (not needed to run the code)

Historical items, no longer needed

  • InstallNdiff -- used to be used for comparing results files to a tolerance
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