These lectures are for a course on Numerical methods and object-oriented design, which contains overviews of numerical methods for solving ODEs and PDEs, and (general) approaches to implementing solvers in an object-oriented manner, but also various slides on the Chaste design. They may be especially useful for understanding the PDE solver classes.

Only slides with the Chaste logo are directly relevant to Chaste, and it should be noted that the Chaste slides give a general idea of the Chaste design, but may include some simplifications. The slides were written in June/July? 2011 (between release 2.3 and 3.0), and around revision r12850-r13200).


  • lecture 1 - ODEs
  • lecture 2 - Finite elements for solving linear PDEs (theory)
  • lecture 3 - Finite elements for solving linear PDEs (OO-designs, Chaste design)
  • lecture 4 - Solving coupled PDEs (in Chaste), nonlinear PDEs (general overview), cardiac PDEs (in Chaste)
  • lecture 5 - Other methods for solving PDEs, introduction to continuum mechanics
  • lecture 6 - Continuum mechanics
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