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Before reading this have a look at GettingStarted to decide whether you are a user [of releases] or a developer [contributing back to Chaste core code].

Users can download the latest release of the source code from our GitHub releases page to get a stable version, or check out a tested development branch to get the latest features.

New developers should, rather than downloading the release, follow the installation instructions below, including the part on checking-out the latest version of the code.

1. User Guides


Running Chaste Simulations

Writing your own code that uses Chaste

  • User Projects -- for creating (or cloning an existing) personal user project which can use the core code and build/testing framework.

Miscellaneous information

  • File format information is given in the file docs/FileFormats.html, supplied with the release. (The latest version of this file may also be viewed here - click on the 'download in original format' link at the bottom of the page).
  • Units of parameters used in Chaste
  • Equations and finite element implementations -- the pdf file attached to this page describes the exact PDEs being solved in various parts of Chaste and the finite element methods used to solve them.
  • Default parameter values -- read off from this file, ignore the Simulation block, which only applies to the old cardiac executable.

2. Further information for developers

New developers (including users based in Compbio/CMB with full wiki and svn access) should read the 'users of the source code' section above, and also see

3. Advanced

4. Chaste Administrators

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