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#788 Use visibility attributes when compiling shared libraries new normal Future infrastructure
#1467 Allow Chaste to be installed as a normal collection of libraries and headers assigned jonc@… normal Future infrastructure
#1718 Investigate whether explicit instantiation of serialization code reduces compile times new normal Future infrastructure
#1726 Heterogeneity based on mesh attributes new normal Future heart
#1868 Create integral error norm calculators (L2, H1) new normal Future core
#1957 Investigate whether we can unload the .so when we're done with a cell model new normal Future heart
#1973 Support LaTeX in wiki pages new normal Future infrastructure
#2033 Periodic BCs in FE solves assigned normal Future core
#2097 Create a Chaste forum for user support new normal Future infrastructure
#2105 Get Chaste working on SKYNET GPU cluster new jmpf@… normal Future infrastructure
#2137 Filament Tracking: Phase transformation in postprocessing new normal Future heart
#2141 Create a simple cell model compiler exe new normal Future pycml
#2147 Suppress warnings about unused command line arguments (that are used!) new normal Future infrastructure
#2152 Add an option to tell users how to run tests/exes they generate outside scons new normal Future infrastructure
#2154 Wallclock based periodic checkpointing new normal Future heart
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