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#2422 Bug in cell writer usage / visualization reopened high Iteration C27 cell-based
#2884 HeartConfig::SetCheckpointSimulation calls CheckTimeSteps() before timesteps are consistent new high Future heart
#136 Make a build method which collates tests to be run offline. new normal Future infrastructure
#2155 Periodic checkpointing requires CardiacSimulation new normal Future heart
#2376 Get the warning in PETSC_MAT_PARTITION to fall back to PARMETIS_LIBRARY new normal Future core
#2417 Mac OS X cannot checkpoint dynamic cell models new normal Future heart
#2481 Get Chaste to compile on OSX Mavericks new normal Iteration I4 infrastructure
#2590 Mechanics Code with HYPRE broken since PETSc 3.2 new normal mechanics
#2640 Merge GPU code into trunk new normal Future -
#2707 Prevent cell based simulations that only work in sequential being run in parallel reopened normal Future cell-based
#2751 Issues with 'large' grids/grid spacings and Distributed Box Collection new normal Future cell-based
#2777 Write cell writer to output Cell Properties new normal Iteration M1 cell-based
#2784 AbstractFunctionalCalculator doesn't work with quadratic meshes new normal Future core
#2852 Possible Bug in MutableVertexMesh::Remesh() new normal Future cell-based
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