Deadlock using HDF5 caching

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asked Feb 22, 2018 by J-H Plank (440 points)

Dear all,

I wrote an exectuable for Chaste Heart using the coarse Rabbit Heart Geometry provided by Chaste. If I turn on the HDF5 caching and use more than 2 cores the program runs into a deadlock during the writing process. It works totally fine if I use only 1 or 2 cores with caching or more cores without caching. I made sure that I use the MPICH, which was installed with the Chaste libraries.

The Chaste Source was cloned from develop (commit: 0c29d7b2ebf4216634b7205f5fffa844ffb99eaa).
I am using the following versions of the libraries.

  • BOOST 1.58.0

  • PETSc 3.6.2

  • VTK 7.1.1

  • XERCES 3.1.4

Everything was compiled using gcc 7.1.0 and cmake 3.9.0-rc4.

I hope someone can help!



Note: Same question as in Mailing-List from 2018-02-22

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