why the the difference vector in GetAreaGradientOfElementAtNode is being multiplied by 0.5 and reversed?

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asked Jun 4, 2019 by ahash (340 points)
edited Jun 11, 2019 by GaryM

the class NagaiHondaForce


calls GetAreaGradientOfElementAtNode (https://chaste.cs.ox.ac.uk/public-docs/VertexMesh_8cpp_source.html#l01423) which in its definition has a difference_vector that is being multiplied by 0.5 and -0.5.

Also, the area_gradient[0] gets the value in difference_vector[1] and area_gradient[1] gets difference_vector[0] after multiplication. In short the rationale of line 1439-1440 in https://chaste.cs.ox.ac.uk/public-docs/VertexMesh_8cpp_source.html#l01423 is unclear. Someone please highlight the rationale. thanks !

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